Specializing in building standard to custom garages. We have been building quality detached and attached garages in Southern Wisconsin since 1991.

Also Specializing in: 

  • Concrete Driveways, Walks, and Patios
  • Masonry Block, Brick and Stone
  • Old Garage and Concrete Removal

Supreme Garages is a State Licensed and Bonded Garage Builder.

Garages are meant to last, that's why there's only one  "Supreme Garage" specifically built for that reason.  A Supreme Built Garage is one of the finest built structures for your vehicle today, with the assurance that you, the customer will be 100% satisfied. Top quality materials go into these garages, making a Supreme Garage last longer than all the rest.  Another part in this assurance is that highly skilled trades people are involved with the construction of these structures.  This leaves you, the homeowner, in complete ease to the construction process.

Quality assurance, custom detailing and superior construction all go into making your "Supreme Garage" the best looking garage you may ever own!


Supreme Garages Inc., S.E. Wisconsin
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